Ethereum Blockchain Venture Studio

What does it mean to Etherify?

Etherify is a blockchain venture studio based in Lisbon, Portugal that brings the power of Ethereum to the real world.

We accomplish this by focusing on the education of blockchain technology, providing insight on innovation channels, and helping businesses launch decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.

What we do best

Help businesses implement blockchain technology in their operations.


Businesses are only as strong as the people behind them. We believe companies who invest in their people are the ones who push ahead of the pack and stay competitive.

Disruption & Innovation

Every day we are faced with new challenges. We see these as catalysts for new opportunities to defy the status quo.


An idea can only be realized through small and deliberate actions. At Etherify, we take those ideas and help you build a roadmap towards the future.

Ethereum Community

Stay updated on current news around the Ethereum world and discover the potential that lies behind blockchain technology

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Useful Links for Ethereum Developers

Hi All! Today I’d like to share with you some useful links for potential EthDevs. First, a general overview of what Ethereum is from King Passive: Second, my favorite code school type game for learning Solidity, CryptoZombies! Third, a link to a very popular Udemy course featuring tons of hours of videos on…

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Fireside Chat with Jornal Económico

Etherify is located in Lisbon, Portugal. Here’s a nice photo:   A few weeks ago we were approached by the largest business and economics publication in Portugal to do a piece about Etherify. We were super excited! Here is a link to the Portuguese publication, if you happen to read Portuguese. What followed was a fireside…

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Ethereum  —  What is it?

In order to understand Ethereum, it is necessary to get to know some of the jargon that you will probably encounter when researching it. In this post, we will “unpack” some of the most “um…what?” words that the casual reader will encounter when researching Ethereum: Decentralized Networks, Blockchain, and Smart Contract/Dapp. Ethereum: A Peek Under…

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Hello world!

Announcing This is’s first blog post, and we’d like to introduce ourselves, and give a brief overview of Ethereum and our mission. What is Ethereum? In short, Ethereum is a decentralized computing network that makes enforceable agreements between any parties. This gives rise to a trust less and permission-less economy that transcends national…

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